WDR, World Bank at CERGE-EI, Risk and Opportunity

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The World Development Report 2014, titled Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development, examines how improving risk management can lead to large gains in development and poverty reduction. As part of launching the report, the World Bank took a “road show” to select locations in Europe and Asia to disseminate the key findings and continue the discussion. This included a special presentation in Prague hosted by CERGE-EI on October 21st, 2013. MANAGING RISK AS A KEY TO SUCCESS The Report argues that improving risk management is crucial not only to reduce the negative impacts of shocks and hazards, but also to enable people to pursue new opportunities for growth and prosperity. The authors emphasize that risk management is a shared responsibility requiring active participation and planning. SPECIAL EVENT AT CERGE-EI Core members who prepared the report presented an overview and key messages. They also led talks on selected chapters (including macro, financial, and international community chapters).

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