How to Make Email Awesome

by · Oct 13, 2015 · 583 views ·

Email is in the midst of a renaissance. Marketers have more resources than ever to drive revenue and build customer relationships through email marketing. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t realize it if you look at most of emails getting sent – and subscribers are starting to pay attention. In the ever-popular quest for “inbox zero,” subscribers have increasingly less patience for the influx of same-old, same-old emails they receive. To help you create awesome emails that stand out in the inbox and boost business, Justine will cover: the latest stats and trends about how people are interacting with email, tactics to make your emails stand out in the inbox, including responsive design, behavioral triggers, video, animated GIFs and more, plus a quick look at where email is headed in 2015 and beyond. Attendees will walk away from this session with: * New insights about how multi-screen viewers differ from single screen viewers. * How media consumption patterns change based on screen size. * How multi-screen viewership varies throughout the day.

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