Data-driven medicine: the California Kids Cancer Comparison Project

by · Jan 27, 2016 · 1 252 views ·

Olena Morozova, Genomics Institute. Each year 500 California children with cancer either lack or fail to respond to standard therapies. The California Kids Cancer Comparison (CKCC) project led by the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is one of two demonstration projects selected in 2015 by the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, a public-private effort launched by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. The initiative is being hosted by UC San Francisco, in conjunction with UC Health, which comprises the University of California's five medical centers. Pediatric clinical trials currently underway at UC medical centers are starting to employ genomic analysis to identify new therapies for incurable tumors. So far these efforts yield new treatment possibilities for less than 10% of patients, in part because each tumor is analyzed on its own. Through the CKCC initiative, we aim to at least double the number of kids that can benefit from a targeted cancer treatment.

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