Ownership in the 21st century

by · Jun 3, 2016 · 577 views ·

“Share, don’t own” is the motto of the sharing economy in the 21st century. Although sharing is not new as a social process, the digital advances of the 21st century enable new dimensions of sharing. Never before has the process of sharing been as effective and easy to organize for the broad public as it is today. But is the so-called “ethics” of sharing really as resource-efficient as it seems at first glance? What is the rebound effect of the sharing economy and what are the underlying motives for sharing goods in the 21st century? Does the sharing economy help to reduce abundance or is the need to make a profit with new business ideas so deeply rooted in our society that the sharing trend merely results in profit-oriented business models? We will explore these questions in a conversation with Miha Mazzini.

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