First Impressions: The Power of an Amazing Welcome Email

by · Jul 14, 2016 · 132 views ·

We all know that first impressions are the most lasting ones, and a well crafted welcome Emails campaign is proven to increase engagement levels with subscribers and customers — at one of the most crucial points in the relationship. A Welcome/Onboarding Series that evolves the initial greeting into a strategically designed, calibrated series of automated messages can be the lifeblood of converting your new subscriber into an engaged, loyal customer in a highly personalized and systematic way. In this in-depth session you’ll learn strategies and tactics for crafting a multiple-message email series that will warm up new subscribers and provide a positive experience for the all-important courting phase of the relationship. After the session, you’ll be able to: Personalize your initial Welcome Email, based on acquisition source Understand how to map your most important content offerings into a series of Onboarding Emails Effectively collect & use data from your new subscribers through Progressive Profiling Build a framework of rules and workflow to keep your subscribers on the right track in their email communications lifecycle

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