Your Attribution Model Is Failing You - Let's Fix It!

by · Jul 25, 2016 · 88 views ·

SEO. PPC. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Email. These days marketers are working hard to execute on all of the digital marketing channels to drive leads and sales. But are your digital marketing efforts really fulfilling your lead and sales goals? In this session, Janet Driscoll Miller will introduce you to the power of digital channels you may not have previously considered and how to integrate those efforts to generate the most leads, MQLs and sales. To ensure you’re tracking your attribution correctly from the start, she’ll discuss common tracking and analytics problems that are often easily remedied. Finally Janet will review one of the most common failures with digital marketing, which regularly stops converted leads from becoming MQLs. Marketing automation platforms are a fantastic tool, but they all too frequently can prevent leads from reaching your sales team. Janet will review common pitfalls and what to focus on to fix the problem. After this session, you’ll be able to: - Conduct an assessment of the holes in your current digital marketing strategy and how to fix them - Better identify the digital marketing channels that are best for your brand and marketing strategies, and how to integrate them effectively - Fix your common, significant tracking and analytics problems so that you know how effective those channels are

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