Building an SaaS Marketing Machine

by · Aug 24, 2016 · 33 views ·

The face of SaaS technology marketing is changing quickly. What some used to consider an art has transitioned to more of a science. Marketers have so many new resources and tools that can help them fine-tune and measure the performance of their marketing campaigns and optimize their spend to drive the best possible result. The catch is knowing which knobs to turn and when, to drive the best possible outcome. In this presentation Seiya Vogt, Director of Demand Generation at Bitly, will discuss the key challenges associated with SaaS marketing and how to overcome them to build a fully-functioning SaaS marketing machine. Attendees of this session will leave with a newfound awareness of the following: Transitioning users from a free product to a paid product. Developing and executing your content strategy. Aligning marketing efforts with sales. Building niche marketing awareness. Supporting customer retention.

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