Friction: The Only Thing Marketers Should Care About Between Now & Forever

by · Sep 21, 2016 · 21 views ·

For all the humming and hawing we do over marketing tactics, we often forget about the experience through and between those tactics. We make copy too complicated. We push out irrelevant, useless content through our channels; we add an unnecessary step to our checkout process. We don’t take time to customize our message – no matter the platform. Put simply, we create a lot of friction for our customers. More friction = more time wasted = unhappy people = less likely people are going to do business with us. Learn the antidote to friction in this session, after which you’ll be able to: Become a friction master, slaying it daily in your business Understand how to work cross functionally to solve friction issues around your organization List the tools available to help you combat friction And, understand why friction is so important to your organization

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