Breaking Through the White Noise – Artist Strategies in a New Digital Environment Seminar

by · Sep 17, 2016 · 363 views ·

With the rise and growing importance of online broadcasting and the diversification of social media channels, artist have to navigate a more complex landscape of media channels than ever before, each coming with its own set of formats, requirements and opportunities. The workshop aims at providing an overview about the digital current environment and deliver an insight into various strategies that can be applied to shape ones career and digital presence. Michail Stangl has founded Boiler Room’s Berlin department and is one of the main organizers behind the world’s largest underground online live music platform. He is also a co-curator of CTM Festival, and co-organizer of Berghain’s Leisure System parties, and an all round progressive force on the Berlin club scene. As a DJ he goes under the name Opium Hum.

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