Draggin' and Droppin'

by · Sep 30, 2016 · 19 views ·

Android has had a drag-and-drop framework since Android 3.0. However, it has largely been ignored, since it only works between views on one activity, and there are only so many scenarios in which that might be useful. Android 7.0's multi-window support, though, makes drag-and-drop more interesting, as it can go between windows, even between apps. Users may expect apps to support drag-and-drop in multi-window modes, since some of their desktop apps do. In this talk, we will see how to implement Android's drag-and-drop support, both in a single activity and across applications. We will see how permissions make cross-application drag-and-drop a bit of a challenge to implement. And, we will explore alternatives to simple drag-and-drop, including how to offer accessible alternatives.