Sciencewashing: How Science and the Pursuit of Knowledge Gentrify Cities

by · Jul 7, 2018 · 69 views ·


There's greenwashing, pinkwashing and artwashing... is sciencewashing a thing too? Ideals like "progress" and the "quest for knowledge" are often used to justify science-driven development. But in reality not everybody benefits equally — and some are disproportionately harmed — in the pursuit of these abstract goals. Drawing from examples in Chicago, New York and Berlin, this talk will examine who wins and who loses when cities decide to embrace development and economic growth driven by science, research and tech. Speaker Recommended Resources: Overview of Sciencewashing ( More on Columbia's use of eminent domain ( More on the history of "blight," urban renewal and eminent domain ( More on University of Chicago Police Department ( ( ( And some antigentrification groups/movements to follow in Chicago: #pilsennosevende Chicago Boricua Resistance Pilsen Alliance ChiResists #elbarrionosevende