10. Říjen 2019


O prezentaci

In Spring 2019, Taiwan’s Presidential Hackathon has successfully adopted the quadratic voting (QV) system so that the voting results for proposals are more in line with the needs of the people. At the same time, the Colorado state legislature in the United States had also used QV to vote on their budget priorities. QV is part of the recent “radical" intellectual current. In 2018, the inventors of QV, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Glen Weyl and Eric Posner from the University of Chicago Law School co-authored the book “Radical Markets.” In addition to the articulation of QV, the book offers five different proposals on how to change the way our societies are modeled. The book led to heated debates in academia and the community, and was featured by “The Economist” as one of the books of the year. Glen Weyl and Eric Posner believe that with regard to public affairs, individuals tend to hold different opinions and are reluctant to share their private knowledge with others. If more people can be encouraged to share their genuine opinions through well-designed market mechanisms, the society can work collectively to find better solutions to existing problems. Glen Weyl and Vitalik Buterin launched the RadicalxChange Foundation (RxC) to advance these principles. In this session, RxC board member Audrey Tang will discuss the current state of the RxC movement, in the form of interactive Q&A.



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