Balancing Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives in UX Strategy

Mar 5, 2020



Quantifying behavior is one thing. And it’s a big thing now, with data pouring into organizations from every direction. Understanding the qualitatively measured needs and motivations that drive behavior is quite another. We’ll explore in this panel how to inform UX strategy and practice with a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative research. Larry Swanson will moderate the panel. Larry hosts the Content Strategy Insights podcast, which has featured many UX experts, including ConveyUX keynote Jared Spool and ConveyUX organizer Joe Welinske. This panel conversation will be recorded live and released as a podcast episode shortly after the conference. Note: If you choose to attend, you will be part of the live and recorded session.



About ConveyUX

ConveyUX is a series of events, produced by Blink UX, of interest to user experience professionals.

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