Consistent Structured Prediction with Max-Min Margin Markov Networks

Jul 12, 2020



Max-margin methods for binary classification such as the support vector machine (SVM) have been extended to the structured prediction setting under the name of max-margin Markov networks (M^3N), or more generally structural SVMs. These methods are able to model interactions between output parts and incorporate a cost between labels. Unfortunately, these methods are inconsistent when the relationship between inputs and labels is far from deterministic. To overcome such limitations, in this paper we go beyond max-margin, defining the learning problem in terms of a “max-min” margin formulation. The resulting method, which we name max-min margin Markov networks (M^4N), provides a correction of the M^3N loss that is key to achieve consistency in the general case. In this paper, we prove consistency and finite sample generalization bounds for M^4N and provide an explicit algorithm to compute the estimator. The algorithm has strong statistical and computational guarantees: in a worst case scenario it achieves a generalization error of O(1/√(n)) for a total cost of O(n√(n)) marginalization-oracle calls, which have essentially the same cost as the max-oracle from M^3N. Experiments on multi-class classification and handwritten character recognition demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method over M^3N networks.



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