Computer Animation and 3D Printing: New Dimensions to Creativity

Jul 16, 2014



Over the last twenty years, computer animation has moved from a technical curiosity to being the foundation of most Hollywood movies. Now 3D printing is undergoing the same rapid evolution from the laboratory tothe living room. Chris is an animator, a product designer, and was co-founder of the Santa Cruz 3D printing center MakersFactory. He will show how the digital modeling of people, objects, landscapes, and processes is now essential to almost every part of our economy and where it is likely to lead in the next few years.




A new "science cafe" is starting up in Santa Cruz, designed to connect the Santa Cruz community to the latest research happening at UC Santa Cruz. Science on Tap, held monthly at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, features scientists from UCSC who will present their work and engage in discussions with the audience in a relaxed setting. The informal talks are aimed at a general audience, including nonscientists and people not affiliated with UCSC.

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