Black holes: Clean energy for the future

by · Sep 8, 2014 · 1 092 views ·

This talk is about generating energy from micro-black holes. With the LHC being turned up to its highest energy level in Spring 2015, many scientists have envisioned the possibility of micro-black hole production. If this happens the implications would be enormous, not just for our understanding of the Universe, but also for the future of energy generation. Physicists from Stephen Hawking to Igor Novikov have long anticipated the potential for generating energy from black holes. The formation of black holes at the LHC could lead the way in making this a reality. In our research we have taken the first steps in finding out the advantages of controlled black hole formation: unlike nuclear fusion process, for instance, which requires a lot of energy to confine particles together, the force of gravity in black holes keeps matter in a dense state. This makes black holes easier to contain and increases the energy efficiency of the input-output ratio. It is for reasons like this that we believe this research avenue is one worthy of exploration.

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