Mainstreaming Psychedelics for Cultural Evolution and Global Spirituality

Sep 30, 2016



At a time of increasing fundamentalism, and growing fear of “the other” represented in the refugee crisis, fear of muslims and minority groups, and the frightening rise of Trump in the United States, I will discuss how mysticism and the unitive experience are the antidote to fundamentalism. I’ll review the Good Friday Experiment, which demonstrated that psychedelics can facilitate mystical experiences in a wide range of people with profound positive political implications. I’ll discuss the healing potential of MDMA to overcome PTSD and multi-generational trauma in order to interrupt generational cycles of conflict and replace them with empathy and understanding. I will outline a 20 year plan for mainstreaming psychedelics into western culture which will serve as a strategy for the human species to overcome the challenges of globalization and create a global spirituality shared by billions.



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