What the Hell is UX Strategy?!

by · Sep 21, 2016 · 373 views ·

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. This talk delves into this crucial practice, which relies on empirical, lightweight tactics for pushing cross-functional teams toward a unique digital solution that customers want. It will start with a primer covering topics such as competitive research, customer discovery, value innovation, and why you must design a “killer” user experience. Then several UX strategy techniques will be explained that you can use for crafting consumer products that potentially make magic happen and destroy outdated mental models. After this session you’ll be able to: Implement an empirical practice of UX strategy for devising successful online products Use customer discovery techniques Conduct competitive research and analysis Focus your team through storyboarding and rapid prototyping Rn small structured experiments (aka “Guerrilla User Research”) to test if you have product/market fit

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