Glocalization of Traditional Medicine of the Amazon and its Possible Therapeutic Application

by · Oct 1, 2016 · 320 views ·

In this contribution, diverse tendencies leading to expansion and localization of the Amazonian traditional medicine will be explained. The contribution contains results of a long-term fieldwork that was done in the Czech Republic. Since November 2015 there were semi-structured interviews recorded with users of the Amazonian Traditional Medicine (N=46). It was discovered that there are basically 3 types of rituals organized in this country: 1) traditional (performed by indigenous or mestizo healers), 2) neoshamanic (guided by non-native people from EU or other countries outside the Amazon), 3) religious (celebrated by the members of syncretic churches, e.g. Santo Daime). Finally, motivation of the Amazonian traditional medicine users will be analyzed and legal aspects of its consumption in the European Union will be mentioned in the contribution.

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