Engaged Psychedelicism: Retribalizing Our Mind

by · Oct 1, 2016 · 224 views ·

How do we go about really integrating the psychedelic experience into our lives as modern people? We can take many lessons and teachings from indigenous peoples around the world but how far we can journey into another culture is another question. This lecture will draw from Native wisdom but encourage us to find new and meaningful ways to create sacred ways in the use of psychedelics. There are currently two primary models for the healing use of psychedelics: the medical model as a curative for various ills, and the therapuetic model for anxiety and psychological issues, both depend on guides and a private experience, eyes closed and lying back listening to music. Engaged psychedelic work requires participants to be in the company of others, eyes open and in a state that creates empathetic bonding. This can and is accomplished in a number of ways that I will explore. The conscious use of psychedelics to re-tribalize our minds and go beyond a private experience I believe is crucial in relieving the sense of alienation that permeates the modern world. The process of empathic bonding with others, with nature, and with the world at large is a healing journey into awakening a sacred world view that transcends the personal and carries us into a deeper relationship with life itself. It’s this inherent wisdom that native peoples carry that we desperately need as we confront a very real ecological crisis. Our survival could depend upon it.

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