Psychedelic Family Values

by · Oct 1, 2016 · 171 views ·

For those of us who have had a life-changing psychedelic experience, integrating the lessons and realizations into our values and behaviors can be a lifelong work. As more and more people have these kinds of experiences, pressure will be placed on the western worldview to change how we interpret concepts such as “family values” and “religious freedom.” We, the children of the psychedelic pioneers of the 1960s are now have families of our own, and because of the War on Drugs, our parents generation did little to help us understand how to incorporate these experiences into our lives and our belief structures., we seek to remedy this error by creating spaces where families can open up about their medicine experiences and learn from each other. We seek to develop powerful rites of passage for our children as they enter adulthood. We seek to come out of the shadows and in the spirit of the Archaic Revival, reclaim our birthright to Religious Freedom though altering consciousness with plants and chemicals. At the core of this mission are the Five Psychedelic Family Values of : Spiritual Growth and Openness, Conscious Living, Infinite Curiosity, Radical Honesty, and Authentic Expression. In this talk, we will explain these 5 values, how they are a reflection of the experiences gained through psychedelic medicine work, and how we transmit them to our kids.

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