The "Journey of the God-Children" and the Darkness on the Path of Enlightment" - a personal review of transpersonal Crisis-Catalysts in different traditions

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Beyond Psychedelics

The term “The Godchildren” refers to a quote from Dr. Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz. It defines people who have been placed in an early stage of life into deep transpersonal and sometimes traumatic experiences. If we follow the statement of the medieval mystic Master Eckhart “Suffering is known the fastest horse to God”; we can clearly build a metaphorical bridge to the Initiation-Crisis and Myths of the shamanic Traditions. Referring to my own biographical and therapeutic experience, from over 18 years of practice activities with people in crisis, I would like to discuss the odds on the path of self-realization, triggered by harrowing transpersonal experiences. I refer inter alia to the experiences and background of an early near-death-experience and crisis of different types and massive transgenerational Traumas from second world war which finally brought me into the Mystic tradition and in the professional humanistic-transpersonal Field. As transpersonal therapist and supervisor who comes from a modern western culture, I went through the whole process of idealization, de-idealization and integration of ancient healing techniques. The shamanic Traditions and also Gestalttherapy and Theatre helped a lot to express the inexpressible. But during my own processes and the stories of many clients, I realized, that crisis where more often (unconsciously) induced than integrated. This also means emotional and sexual abuse as well as retraumatizations and physical death – which happened, for example – in a group in which I participated in, during a traditional two-week-Ayahuasca-Ceremony in the jungle. Now it seems to me, that the most important issue in coping with transpersonal crisis as a resource, is preparation, ethics, professional guidance and (systemic cultural) integration. Especially the mindfulness-based meditation and the Holotropic Breathwork™ seem very suitable to guide people in their personal processes without psychedelic substance, or in preparation for psychedelic experiences.