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Poslonaut/HireApp is a mobile app that helps people find part-time jobs more quickly, by matching their interests and geo-location to job offers currently on the market. Poslonaut/HireApp also helps small and medium businesses to post job offers in under a minute. Given the currently high price of job ads, many SME cannot afford to place ads and thus do not attract suitable candidates. Poslonaut/HireApp addresses the serious problem of youth unemployment by helping job markets become more transparent and efficient. Location is of great importance in part-time jobs for students and because these jobs do not require superior skills, using interests to offer better job options is what adds value for both job hunters and companies looking for part time employees. Job satisfaction is increased and commuting time is reduced, also impacting positively on the environment. Poslonaut/HireApp makes clever use of mobile technology in a market with high smartphone penetration, but with few solutions adapted to it. Hopefully, Poslonaut/HireApp will soon come to the global arena. http://www.poslonaut.rs http://eu-youthaward.org/

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