The evolution of maintenance and big data analytics and a gas engine case study

Jan 26, 2017



In the last few years we have witnessed of several changes around the industry, the evolution of products into intelligent, connected devices are very common and it is quite logical that the industry is the new market for these changes. The common threads are an explosive increase in machine-level communication system with its surroundings, not only with their process but also with other similar machines. Real-time data, new sensors, new lab analysis and connectivity allows production and maintenance team to have instant information to anticipate future problems. Sensors are more accurate, smaller and cheaper. The influence of these changes are real and are already present in our day to day, but it will not be easy to go ahead. Related with lubrication these changes includes new knowledge for the maintenance staff but they will required a solid base of fundamentals, how well we are prepared for these changes? What changes are expected to have? What experiences have had so far? Big data Analytics is changing the game to understand things in many different business areas, maintenance is one of these areas that will see the impact of the analysis of large and not necessarily structured data soon or late. At IK4-TEKNIKER we already start seeing the impact of this type of new tool, one of the best examples is a case study on gas engines, there´s something more behind the oil analysis, and data treatment can show it, focusing in solve typical problems and understanding the failure modes and how to avoid them.



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