Everything You Know Is Dead or Dying: How to Thrive After the E-Pocalypse

Mar 17, 2017



Henrik Jönsson is a self-made entrepreneur, investor and author. A multi-disciplinary creative, he focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation. Henrik is currently running a group of Scandinavian IT companies, whose sphere of activities range from mobile software development to online gourmet food delivery and has authored several award-winning games for Apple devices. Henrik is a self-made entrepreneur, lecturer and author on IT, and has since the 1990's built a series of successful digital service companies in San Francisco, London and Scandinavia. He specializes in trend analysis and futurology, and is currently directing a group of companies in Sweden. He was awarded the entrepreneur of the year award within applied Virtual Reality Concepts for his work on virtualized e-learning, is a recurring speaker on the digital economy at the FOA in London, is a regular columnist in SvD, the leading daily newspaper in Sweden and has designed several award winning computer games, as well as being a co-founder and chief operative running the libertarian yearly unconference "King's Park Week" in Sweden since 2012.


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