Fund Secondaries: Tail-End Liquidity Solutions

Jul 13, 2017



11:45 General overview of the secondary market (panel) 37:25 Tail-End Liquidity Solutions: motivation of the stakeholders, types of transactions and legal issues (panel) 42:05 Motivation of the stakeholders and types of transactions by Manuel Häusler (Ardian) 45:19 Tail-End Liquidity Solutions: aspects for GP’s by Sandro Galfetti (Park Hill Group) 49:51 Business complexity of tail-end liquidity solutions by Pinal Nicum (Adams Street Partners) 55:31 Legal issues of tail-end liquidity solutions by Amos Veith (P+P Pöllath + Partners) 01:03:18 Final thoughts on fund restructurings by Manuel Häusler (Ardian) 01:05:30 Predictions for next year (panel)



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