Spiritual Emergency in the Lens of Archetypal Astrology: A Qualitative Study

by · Sep 29, 2017 · 368 views ·

International Transpersonal Conference

As any other important event of human life, spiritual emergency can be studied from the point of view of archetypal astrology. Being non-systematically introduced by C.G. Jung, the astrological approach has been brought into the context of transpersonal psychology by Richard Tarnas and Stan Grof, who outlined an exemplar of applying it on spiritual emergency in his case study of Karen, contained in Chapter 8 of his book “The Psychology of the Future”. Other essential texts on that matter are to be found in revue Archai: Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. Within the project of preparation of a book on spiritual emergency, that is supposed to be published by the time of ITC 2017 both in English and Czech, I have worked with natal charts and transits of six people who had previously gone through spiritual emergency and wrote down their stories to by published in the book. The cases of these people have been positively diagnosed as spiritual emergency by the initiator of the project and co-author of the book, the Czech psychiatrist Milan Hrabánek. Based on the knowledge of their astrological data and time frames of their crises that they provided, as well as on careful reading of their stories, I have written astrological commentaries both to their natal charts and transits in the critical times of their processes. The commentaries will be published in the book as well. Within my lecture, I would like to present the results of my qualitative analysis of those six case studies – results that profoundly confirmed the initial assumption that a process like spiritual emergency is more than likely to be accompanied by a major transit of transpersonal planet(s) – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - to personal planets, especially to the Lights (Sun and Moon).