Psyche and Cosmos - First day (part 1)

Oct 2, 2017



The Emerging Synthesis of Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Astrology First day of the Holos conference Speakers: Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas Two Days Seminar: Psyche and Cosmos Annotation The Emerging Synthesis of Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Astrology ​ For centuries the focus of many astrology texts and readings, and of the astrological tradition in general, was predominantly directed to understanding the present personality and predicting future events. In the past century our understanding of the human psyche has been immensely expanded and deepened by the findings of the major schools of depth psychology—psychoanalysis, Jungian and archetypal psychology, transpersonal psychology. The discovery of the unconscious, and the gradual disclosure of its deeper layers—the personal biographical, the early childhood and infancy, the perinatal and prenatal, the transpersonal and collective unconscious, encompassing finally the archetypal and cosmic dimensions of the anima mundi—have greatly enriched the astrological understanding, which in turn has shone new light on the deep psyche and its dynamic unfolding. ​ In this two-day seminar, Drs. Tarnas and Grof will discuss the emerging vision of cosmically grounded depth psychology as well as a genuine depth astrology which integrates these important developments. Drawing on their forty years’ collaboration in research and teaching, they will present an overview of this new understanding of the human psyche and its complex relationship to the cosmos, with case histories and careful exposition of the relevant concepts and correlations.


About Stanislav Grof

je psychiatr s více než 50letou zkušeností ve výzkumu léčebného, transformačního a heuristického potenciálu změněných stavů vědomí. Je jedním ze zakladatelů a hlavních teoretiků transpersonální psychologie.

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