Orthogonal Human Values and Social Singularity

Sep 29, 2017



We as humanity are facing a historically unprecedented set of circumstances, as today we approach a moment of social singularity - the potential for self-annihilation or a massive improvement in the state of human existence. At this critical crossroad, what stands paramount, is the question of our human values what we choose as the foundation of our societal structure. In this session, we will explore the core values of human existence - orthogonal values, and how these values can contribute to catalyse a positive transformation, at least through social and political engagement leading to constructive systemic reforms. Mgr. Karel Janeček, MBA, Ph.D. is a mathematician, visionary and D21 & P21 author. Educated in the Czech Republic and in the United States founded a company RSJ, which has become the biggest market makers in derivatives exchanges worldwide. He supports scientific research and anti-corruption activities.



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