Transpersonal today: From a psychological understanding to a collective perspective

Sep 28, 2017



Transpersonal psychology has brought new cartographies and a new understanding of the human psyche (thanks to Grof, Wilber, and others). This has made a considerable contribution to the way we understand the field of psychology, even if the transpersonal perspective is not yet fully recognized and accepted in the academic world. Nevertheless, sooner or later, transpersonal psychology will have to be integrated among the other theories and currents in psychology. But today, the challenge is no longer only to achieve personal well-being, and to become enlightened as individuals. We are facing a much more important challenge: the survival of our species and the planet. We have to wake up, we have to act individually for a collective purpose. In this process, the transpersonal movement has a role to play. We have to expand beyond our practices and become active in the outer world. Today, transpersonal values are no longer an option but an obligation. The old thinking patterns are not valid anymore. They have created and now amplify the problems we must face in the world. In this time of transition, we see more and more creative initiatives based on solidarity, sustainability, sharing and education that are signs of a global transformation of our societies. But nothing will really change if we continue to stay in an ego-based psychology. We cannot transform the world outside if we don’t start from inside. Our personal transformation is the first step toward collective action, because we are the world.



About International Transpersonal Conference

The mission of the conference is to present an exclusive series of lectures, panel discussions and experiential workshops delivered by legendary founders of transpersonal psychology such as Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo, Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, Dean Radin and many more key figures of the current transpersonal movement, as well as from other disciplines such as inner health, psychotherapy and clinical research, Psychedelics, shamanism, collective psychics and social transformation, mystical spirituality and more ..

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