The Power of Design Sprints to Drive Ethical Design

by · Mar 1, 2018 · 96 views ·


ConveyUX is a series of events, produced by Blink UX, of interest to user experience professionals. One of the primary benefits of the Design Sprint process is that it incorporates user research and validation into the design and development process. By carving out time from a team’s schedule to engage with the user perspective – their experience and needs – a team is able to create more meaningful solutions. While sprints were initially developed to help teams be more user-centered, they can also be structured to help a team be “ethically-focused” and consider the larger societal implications of the products they are developing. Join Kai Haley to learn how teams at Google and in the community are leveraging and developing methods that help inform design decisions at an early stage to avoid unintended consequences and support positive social impact in the world.