Slinky: A Modern Toolkit for Modern Apps

Jun 20, 2018



Slinky ( is a typesafe Scala interface to React. By combining the advanced language features offered by Scala with the powerful abstractions offered by React, Slinky makes it easy to develop large web applications as sets of composable components. With Slinky, developers can be more productive knowing that their code will not produce surprises at runtime and focus on product features instead of implementation details. In this talk, we will see how Slinky can be used in a variety of contexts: websites, mobile apps, and virtual reality. Shadaj loves to program. He is fluent in many programming languages, with Scala being his favorite. Shadaj develops open-source libraries on GitHub, and has a channel on YouTube where he teaches fundamentals of Scala programming. He has presented at OSCON 2014, Scala Days (2012 - 2017), Scala By the Bay, and other conferences. Shadaj is currently the Co-President of Lynbrook Robotics, his high-school robotics team, where he introduced applications of Scala to robot control.



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