How to Start a Psychedelic Integration Circle

Jun 22, 2018



This is a practical case study on how to start running Psychedelic Integration Circles in your area. Being the head of Vienna’s Psychedelic Society I saw demand in my community but a lack of trained mental health professionals who were offering such services. For that reason, I decided to bootstrap Integration Circles on my own, with the goal of building a culture of mindful integration within my local community in a bottom-up approach. Because there aren’t a lot of practical resources out there, I’m offering to share my learnings. Preparations started in late summer 2017 and the first sessions took place in January 2018. Feedback has been positive and by June 2018 we plan to have run about 10 sessions. (1) What is a Psychedelic Integration Circle? (2) Why run one? (3) Training resources for facilitators (4) Target audience (5) Setup (6) Content (7) How to get the word out (8) Techniques



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