Exoskeletons and Walking Recovery

Sep 7, 2018



An invasion of exoskeleton technology into many industrial fields has already started. We meet exosuits not only in hospitals and homes, but more often at workplaces, sports fields, and unfortunately on battlefields as well. Exoskeletons boost our strength, durability, and preclude our vulnerability. In my research, however, I focus on how they can fix us or bypass our disabilities rather than how they can make us superhuman. Starting from a simple affordable solution to more sophisticated ones, we are undeniably approaching an exciting future where robots will successfully teach the disabled how to walk again…



About Future Port Prague

By creating Future Port Prague together with our visionary partners, we want to help people and businesses in our region better understand this phenomenon; not just the technology, but the deeper societal changes that will require a rethinking and rewiring of our business models and environments, our education systems, and most importantly our own mindsets.

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