Towards a socially scalable Etherean future

Oct 31, 2018



Ethereum and related Web3 technology stands a real chance of making the future fairer, more open, more inclusive, and more just. But up to now Ethereum has been the near-exclusive playpen of a tiny coterie of already-wealthy, never-marginalized, mostly Western and almost entirely male technocrats. Can Ethereum be more than this? Can it fulfill its mission to be the future compute platform for all of humanity? How do we overcome the enormous obstacles we currently face to mass adoption, things such as UX, the complexity of key and identity management, the public perception of scams and shitcoins, and the awful wealth distribution? I believe the answer lies in the concept of social scalability, conceptualized by Nick Szabo. This talk will introduce the concept, discuss how it relates to Ethereum, and examine present scaling, governance, education, marketing, and UX initiatives through this lens, with an eye towards developing Ethereum into a platform usable by and valuable to humans everywhere.



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