IDEN3: Scalable distributed identity infrastructure using zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee privacy

Oct 31, 2018



IDEN3 is an open source permissionless identity layer built on top of Ethereum that we expect many projects will be able to use as a foundational layer for their own identity solution. It is a simple system that allows any identity to make a claim about any other identity. Our talk at DevCon4 will cover these topics: We will introduce the idea of a decentralised identity management system and the challenges and needs for this solution. We will explain how IDEN3 can deploy millions of identities on blockchain without almost any expenditure of gas, allowing the system to scale to become a global solution with Ethereum as it is today. We will show how the claims are managed off-chain and validated on-chain and off-chain. We will explain how to generate proofs to validate claims that are valid only for an specific recipient and not reusable. We will show how to create proofs of those claims anonymously without revealing unnecessary data by using zero knowledge proofs. Finally we will talk about the status of the current development, our roadmap, milestones, the team, etc.



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