Guerrilla user research for dApps: Step 1 to mainstream adoption

Nov 1, 2018



Today, the most prominent dApps struggle with daily user counts in the low hundreds. In spite of technical advances the community has made, we have a lot of work to do before any sort of widespread adoption. One key step to getting there: start incorporating practical user research. User research seems like an academic luxury - but in this talk, you'll how to make it work for YOUR dApp, from a product manager/designer who's driven user research initiatives touching tens of millions of people at Microsoft, Facebook and Quartz. You'll learn about how people in Southeast Asia, China, Africa and South America make payments and use technology differently than the West, and learn how to ship to a truly global audience. You'll add takeaways from influential research studies on user motivation, psychology and onboarding to your toolkit. And no fluff here - only practical tactics that you can use NOW. You'll walk away with battle-tested methods specific to where you're at in development (validating your idea all the way to mainnet) and how big your team is (ICO-funded company to a startup of 1). Let's stop just talking about widespread adoption, and build a playbook to actually getting there!



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