EWASM - Ewasm: Ethereum-flavored WebAssembly and Ethereum 2.0 - part 1

* Intro to Ewasm (with Q&A) - Alex * Smart Contract Languages - Rust - Jake - JavaScript (no, really!) (almost) - Lane - C/C++ - Paul * EVMC, host functions, and the evolution of the EEI (with Q&A) - Pawel — Break — * WebAssembly Engines - Paul * Turbo Ewasm - Paul, Guillaume * WasmOS - Lane * Shasper Phase II: A stateless, rent-free world? (with Q&A) - Casey Ewasm is a candidate for the future Ethereum engine to replace EVM with the rollout of Shasper. It is also proposed for adoption, completely or a subset of it, on the mainnet. Ewasm stands for Ethereum-flavored WebAssembly and it encompasses a broad range of initiatives being led by the Foundation Ewasm team including building an execution engine for Ethereum 2.0, adding support for languages including C++, Rust, and AssemblyScript, and related research and tooling to make Ethereum development easier and more powerful than ever. The team is launching a public testnet which will be officially announced in this breakout session. In addition, members of the Ewasm team will introduce the technology, walk through the new stack, and give demos of the development tooling.