On the Mysteries of the Swiss Dual Vocational Education and Training: What the Czech Republic Can Learn, December 13, 2018

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Switzerland is well known for its successful dual system of vocational and professional education and training. It consists of upper-secondary and non-university tertiary education in which firms and educational institutions collaborate closely to provide both general education and vocational training. Though the Czech Republic is also highly industrialized, and has a high demand for skilled vocational labour, the Czech system at the upper-secondary level remains far from effective and funcionally efficient. The keynote lecture by the Swiss expert Prof. Ursula Renold focuses on the economics of the Swiss system, its institutional setup, built-in incentives, and the roles of key stakeholders in terms of its funding, regulation, coordination, and etc. Her presentation is enhanced by rich empirical evidence. Concrete insights from the perspective of the private sector will be provided by a representative of Novartis/Basel. The non-scientific, policy-oriented keynote presentation and follow-up panel discussion aim to provide new first-hand insights to representatives of Czech stakeholders, policymakers, academics and interested members of the public.