Deep Submodular Synergies

Jun 14, 2019



Submodularity is an attractive framework in machine learning to model concepts such as diversity, dispersion, and cooperative costs, and is having an ever increasing impact on the field of machine learning. Deep learning is having a bit of success as well. In this talk, we will discuss synergies, where submodular functions and deep neural networks can be used together to their mutual benefit. First, we’ll discuss deep submodular functions (DSFs), an expressive class of functions that include many widely used submodular functions and that are defined analogously to deep neural networks (DNN). We’ll show that the class of DSFs strictly increases with depth and discuss applications. Second, we’ll see how a modification to DNN autoencoders can produce features that can be used in DSFs. These DSF/DNN hybrids address an open problem which is how best to produce a submodular function for your application. Third, we’ll see how submodular functions can speed up the training of models. In one case, submodularity can be used to produce a sequence of mini-batches that speeds up training of DNN systems. In another case, submodularity can produce a training data subset for which we can show faster convergence to the optimal solution in the convex case. Empirically, this method speeds up gradient methods by up to 10x for convex and 3x for non-convex (i.e., deep) functions. The above discusses various projects that were performed jointly with Wenruo Bai, Shengjie Wang, Chandrashekhar Lavania, Baharan Mirzasoleiman, and Jure Leskovec.



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