Panel II. Economic Transformation of CEE and investment potential

Central Europe is the poster child of the astounding economic transformation brought about by a democratic and free market transition. The accession to the European Union and U.S. investments and business ventures in the region have accelerated economic growth, sparked innovation, and stimulated the development of an entrepreneurial culture. Full of young talent, the region has all the prerequisites to become the economic motor of Europe. The potential to expand business ties in industry, services, and digital and new tech domains is immense. If realized, these new relations will not only bring further economic growth to the U.S. and the region but also help ensure global economic and technological leadership of the Western world. How can we transform Central Europe into a Danube Valley region of innovation? How can a propitious environment be provided for trade to flourish? How can we channel investments into emerging technologies and support the deployment of these technologies to excel against Chinese competitors?