What's Next for DeFi?

Oct 9, 2019



The DeFi movement, which rethinks the conventional financial services and builds them in a decentralized manner, has enjoyed great momentum. After the humble beginnings in 2018, this year was fruit-bearing: building blocks for open financial protocols have been laid out. Looking forward, we have to challenge ourselves – what are the missing pieces to make this movement truly accessible and how can we achieve global financial inclusion? MakerDAO is one of the oldest projects in the Ethereum space that has, aside from bringing the first decentralized stablecoin build on this blockchain, introduced a powerful decentralized credit system. Maker Protocol transitioned into both: a DeFi bedrock and a building block in the set of services never seen before. Look ahead with the project founder Rune Christensen – he has a major revelation planned to finish off the keynote.



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