Designing Smart Contracts With Free Will

by · Oct 9, 2019 · 202 views ·


A range of bribery attacks, collusion possibilities, and other economic vulnerabilities plague our smart contract design. Unlike with simple anti-patterns like recursion, these security vulnerabilities have no obvious fix. Join us for a deep dive into the state of the art bribery attacks that are technically feasible on cryptocurrency today, and their countermeasures. We will introduce and explain new signature schemes that resist the ability for users to be bribed on Ethereum-based smart contracts. We will teach developers of smart contracts how to build contracts that are maximally resistant to bribery, and provide practical tips for the protection of your users. Lastly, we will show and launch a toolkit that provides signatures with protection from an advanced form of bribery known as the Dark DAO, in which users are bribed undetectably. Our toolkit provides a simple API for any Ethereum contract to ensure the free will of their users through an easy-to-use library. Building bribery-resistant smart contracts is of critical importance for voting schemes, oracles, prediction markets, proof-of-stake and other consensus protocols, randomness generation, and more.