Competing With Non-Crypto Products Without Losing Crypto's Philosophies

Oct 10, 2019



- We all want crypto to succeed - Compare / contrast early crypto with early internet. Culture. Values. What was lost? We now have new new world order (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon) - Also, FACEBOOK IS COMING AHHHHHHHH! - Is crypto still crypto if it reaches mass adoption but is controlled by the same types of centralized, privacy invading, user exploiting system? - Why is the experience between crypto and non-crypto products so different? (Mostly, our values = need for security = decentralization = user in control = all positives AND negatives.) - How can to where we need to be tomorrow, without sacrificing our values / philosophies? - What do you value? What do your users value? How do you create value? - Education. Make people care about the crypto philosophies. - Make the rewards outweigh the cost. Easy answer: wait until the economy shits the bed and everyone will buy in to crypto. - Harder answer and *the* answer: What can *we* do? What can *we* control? (e.g. Expanding ecosystem. Dedicating real resources to design, ux, product, marketing. DeFi value. Access to those who don't have access.)



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