From Ancient Egypt to AI. The next technological evolutionary stage of our society and how to prepare for it?

Dec 18, 2019



AI is sexy. It’s spoken about everywhere. From apocalyptic films, to goosebump-inducing presentations from tech CEOs, it’s at the forefront of public debate. Its application in our everyday lives is exponentially increasing and will sooner than later have intense sociocultural effects across the globe. Like the dawn of stone tools, the invention of writing, and the rise of Newtonian physics changed and challenged society, we are entering in a similarly transformative era with AI. Industry and manufacturing especially are currently experiencing a huge shakeup in this field, and discussions are being raised around the future of employment, upskilling workers, and core societal changes such as universal basic income. How to best prepare for these changes? How to understand them? How to deal with them? I’ve got a quarter of an hour to try and give you the answers to those questions.




Spojení sil ČVUT v Praze, Univerzity Karlovy, Akademie věd České republiky a hlavního město Prahy za účelem přeměny naší metropole na centrum umělé inteligence evropského významu.

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