#2 Approaches to MT

Mar 5, 2020



Ondřej Bojar, Associate Professor at ÚFAL MFF CUNI and one of prg.ai founders, has been quite curious about the inverted classroom concept, as it supposedly helps students gain substantially deeper understanding of the topic and also helps lecturers to clarify, explain better and generally be more engaged. The lecture recordings also serve as study materials for the general public and fellows at other universities, thereby promoting the home university in the academic world and the topic as a relevant research field. The best way of validating these assumptions is to give it a try, so Ondřej wanted to invert his established lecture on machine translation. Thanks to the financial support of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR, grant 19-26934X NEUREM3) and Prague-based translation platform Memsource, Ondřej's wish has been turned into reality. We hope the recordings will help spread machine translation knowhow generated in Prague and add value to students, academics and professionals worldwide.



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Spojení sil ČVUT v Praze, Univerzity Karlovy, Akademie věd České republiky a hlavního město Prahy za účelem přeměny naší metropole na centrum umělé inteligence evropského významu.

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