Shift Left Security Concerns: DevSecOps is Pronounced DevOps: The Sec is Silent

Sep 22, 2021



The emergence of the cloud era has resulted in significant changes in the application development process. Traditional monolithic application architectures have given way to more agile cloud-native applications. With this transformation, developers have a greater responsibility to own their code in development and production. However, as DevOps has shifted left, security teams have become an afterthought. The “Shift Left” movement is believed to ensure that security concerns are addressed throughout the entire development process, not just before deployment. However, this transition’s success is questionable at best. Have we shifted too far left? Join Ell Marquez, Linux and Security Advocate at Intezer, for a conversation exploring the relationship between development, operations, and security teams. Focusing on how increased visibility from development onto runtime can help us include security teams into the conversation and allow us all shift left together.



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