Hierarchical Skills for Efficient Exploration

Dec 6, 2021



Pre-trained, low-level skills for reinforcement learning provide higher-level action spaces with the potential to facilitate exploration. The design of such skills presents an inductive bias and is therefore subject to a trade-off between faster learning and generality across environments. In prior work on continuous control, the sensitivity of methods to this inductive bias has not been addressed explicitly, as locomotion provides a suitable prior for navigation tasks, which have been of foremost interest. In this work, we introduce a benchmark suite of sparse-reward tasks for bipedal robots demanding a variety of motor abilities. This allows us to clearly expose the consequences of trading off exploration benefits and fine-grained control. We propose a novel hierarchical skill learning framework that offloads this trade-off to high-level policy training and which produces skills that are useful across a wide range of environments. Finally, we present a three-layered hierarchical learning algorithm to perform this trade-off automatically, outperforming existing approaches to end-to-end hierarchical reinforcement learning and unsupervised skill discovery.


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