Entity Divider with Language Grounding in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Jul 24, 2023



We investigate the use of natural language to drive the generalization of policies in multi-agent settings. Unlike single-agent settings, the generalization of policies should also consider the influence of other agents. Besides, with the increasing number of entities in multi-agent settings, more agent-entity interactions are needed for language grounding, and the enormous search space could impede the learning process. Moreover, given a simple general instruction, beating all enemies, agents are required to decompose it into multiple subgoals and figure out the right one to focus on. Inspired by previous work, we try to address these issues at the entity level and propose a novel framework for language grounding in multi-agent reinforcement learning, entity divider (EnDi). EnDi enables agents to independently learn subgoal division at the entity level and act in the environment based on the associated entities. The subgoal division is regularized by agent modeling to avoid subgoal conflicts and promote coordinated strategies. Empirically, EnDi demonstrates the strong generalization ability to unseen games with new dynamics and expresses the superiority over existing methods.


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